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TIME User ID currency Deposit Bonus
02M ago ***8736 USDT 7642.34 800
37M ago ***2349 USDT 4683.54 480
01H,07M ago ***2441 USDT 9974 1440
01H,38M ago ***3947 USDT 5746.73 800
02H,17M ago ***1626 USDT 2200.66 240
02H,47M ago ***4157 USDT 5066.47 800
03H,18M ago ***3498 BTC 1.23188909 0.2
03H,51M ago ***4216 USDT 1072.74 120
04H,24M ago ***4821 USDT 2122.08 240
04H,59M ago ***2283 BTC 0.74621629 0.08

Deposit 1 BTC, and get another 0.2 BTC Right Away!

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Deposit more to get more FREE Bonus

To welcome both newcomers and loyal current users, Bex500 launched a 100% deposit bonus program. 100% bonus will be credited equaled to your deposit. More deposit leads to more bonuses, withdraw-able as soon as trading volume is satisfied!
  • BTC Accountbex500
    Deposit BTC Total Bonus Trading Contract Value
    0.01 0.001 4
    0.03 0.003 12
    0.05 0.005 20
    0.1 0.012 48
    0.2 0.024 96
    0.3 0.036 144
    0.4 0.048 192
    0.5 0.08 320
    0.8 0.144 576
    1 0.2 800
  • USDT Accountbex500
    Deposit BTC Total Bonus Trading Contract Value
    100 10 40000
    300 30 120000
    500 50 200000
    1000 120 480000
    2000 240 960000
    3000 360 1440000
    4000 480 1920000
    5000 800 3200000
    8000 1440 5760000
    10000 2000 8000000

How can BEX500 bonus boost your profits? Please see the case as below

Use the bonus to trade right now. Maximize your profits with reduced risks
Case One-Other exchange with no bonus

Deposit 1BTC

Balance 1BTC

Long BTC with 100x leverage (9000USDT/BTC)

BTC: rise from 9000 to 9090

Profit margin100%

Case Two-BEX500 offers20% extra bonus

Deposit 1BTC

Immediately get1.2BTC
20% extra

Long BTC with 100x leverage (9000USDT/BTC)

BTC: rise from 9000 to 9090

Profit margin 120%

Bonus rules

  • 1.BEX500 bonus is calculated on grade-based rules. it will be calculated on the basis of the previous one if your deposit value does not meet the next grade.
  • 2.In case of multiple deposits, the bonus calculation is based on the last deposit before the bonus is activated.
  • 3.20% extra bonus will be credited to your account to trade, withdrawable after the trading volume meets requirements. The activity lapses after 30 days of the deposit.
  • 4.The bonus is given at the same time every day (UTC+8 10:00)
  • 5.The rewarded BTC/USDT is displayed in the “credit” column, indicating that the withdrawal is not allowed.
  • 6.The BTC/USDT earned from trading with the bonus will be shown in the balance, which is withdrawable immediately. The bonus that meets the conditions will also be directly transferred to the balance for withdrawal.
  • 7.any withdrawal during the activity will result in the lapse of bonus activity, any bonuses in “credit” will be cleared upon withdrawal.
  • 8.If, your account balance is less than or equal to 0, the activity will be suspended.
  • 9.only trading in crypto perpetual contracts is eligible for the bonus activity. Trading in others including Forex, Commodity and Double Contract, is not involved.
  • 10.Only ONE participation is allowed in bonus activity. BEX500 hereby reserves the right to deduct the profits, charge fines, and bring suits, claims, and actions for any and all causes of action arising from malicious cheating and scams. BEX500 reserves the right to final interpretation.
  • 11.Please contact us

    WhatsApp: +85254494690




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