Bex500 Double Contract profit-loss calculation

◆ How many types of Double Contract in Bex500

Double Contract Code: DB

There are 4 kinds of Double Contract, including BTCDB,ETHDB,LTCDB, and XRPDB.

◆ How to calculate the profit/loss of DB

> Different from a perpetual contract, for DB, you only need to input fixed margin and transaction fees to open a DB position. The profit/loss is fixed based on your contract notional value. 

> For example, for 1 BTC-valued DB position, you only need to input 60 USDT as the initial margin and 10 USDT as the transaction fee, Equaling only 70 USDT in total.

> When the profit/loss of DB equals to your initial margin (when your profit doubles or you lose all margin input), the position will be closed automatically. 

◆ DB profit/loss cases

In the case of USDT settlement account, When the BTC price is currently at $3500, you input 60 USDT as margin and 10 USDT as transaction fee to long 100btc contract (after leverage). 

When the BTC/USDT price rises to $3560, the order is automatically closed

The profit is 1* ($3560-$3500) = 60 USDT


When BTC/USDT price falls to 3440 dollars, the order is automatically closed

The profit is 1* ($3500-$3440) =-60 USDT

◆ Double Contract Leverage

The leverage of a Double contract is variable according to price changes. If the BTC price is $10000, the leverage of the Double Contract is 160x, which has higher leverage than most of the products.

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