Ethereum (ETH) Good News for 13 Million Users: How Will Its Price Be Affected?

NortonLifeLock, one of the world's largest cybersecurity companies, has made a decision that will make Ethereum (ETH) investors very happy. The firm that launched the Norton Crypto service has officially entered mining.


Norton Crypto Will Launch ETH Mining Product

The product called Norton Crypto will allow users to "safely" mine cryptocurrencies through the Norton 360 product. Launched from June 3, the service will initially only serve 360 users. Ethereum mining will be done with the service that will be launched for the first users of Norton.



In addition, Norton plans to open its mining program to its 13 million users worldwide. There are more than 13 million users using the 360 product, and the antivirus program in question is one of the most widespread in the world. This will positively affect both the recognition and price of Ethereum. Although not all 13 million users will be mining, it is very important to promote this.


Norton Will Add Other Cryptocurrencies Later

In the statement made by the Norton team, it was stated that the mining of the leading cryptocurrencies will be launched. Stating that Norton members will strive to get the highest rewards by "using their processor capacity," the team also officially announced the company’s entry into the crypto money industry:


"While the company is considering going slow at first, consumer safety will be a priority when it comes to Ethereum mining. NortonLifeLock intends to accelerate the process and add mining of leading cryptocurrencies in the future."


Mining Will End With Ethereum 2.0

It is very important that the company started directly with Ethereum instead of Bitcoin. Ethereum mining will end especially after the transition to Ethereum 2.0, but the date for this is not yet clear. The fact that Ethereum miners have recently earned a significant income thanks to the increased transaction fees may have attracted the Norton team here.


In this way, Norton has demonstrated that it has taken important steps in mining as well as high-level security measures. Norton emphasized that miners will use the product in question through Norton's cloud-based wallet and the funds will be deposited here. This actually removes the risks associated with miners' existing Ethereum wallet addresses and puts all the responsibility on the company's shoulders.


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