$15 Welcome Bonus

Get $15 bonus for free after registration

For new sign-ups only, no deposit is required

Earn all profits generated from the $15 bonus

$15 Registration Bonus User Rules

Your participation in the registration bonus activity is deemed to comply and agree to the below “Bonus User Rules”

1. After registration, you have to contact BEX500 customer service (whatsapp: +85254494690) for the bonus application before you can receive a $15-equivalent BTC/USDT bonus.

2. The registration bonus will be valid for 5 days from the date when you claimed the bonus. The profit (maximum $50) can only be withdrawn if the trading volume within 5 days is greater than or equal to 5 BTC (opening and closing positions are calculated as one transaction). After 5 days, the bonus will be forfeited automatically. Any positions held with the registration bonuses will be closed.

3. All registration bonuses will be credited and forfeited on GMT 03:00 AM on weekdays. Example: We will credit the bonus for you at GMT 03:00 AM on December 1st, then the bonus and the profit that does not meet the withdrawal conditions will be cleared at GMT 03:00 AM on December 8th.

4. Only trading in crypto perpetual contracts is eligible for the bonus activity. Trading in other products including Forex, Commodity and Double Contracts is ineligible.

5. ボーナスの利益部分は、取引量と時間の制約を満たした後の引き出しをサポートできます。ただし、15ドルのボーナスから利益を得たい場合は、カスタマーサービスにお問い合わせください。

6. Any bonus awarded will be forfeited upon any withdrawal. Please note that the bonus in "credit" will be cleared when the withdrawal is made.

7. Only ONE participation is allowed for bonus activity. BEX500 hereby reserves the right to deduct profits, charge fines, and bring suits, claims, and actions for any and all causes of action arising from malicious cheating and scams.

8. If there are any deposits in the violating accounts and the deposits are more than the minimum amount required, BEX500 will only return the deposit portion of the customer's own funds upon withdrawal.

9. Bex500 reserves all rights in interpretation of bonus activity rules. Bex500 reserves all rights in interpretation of bonus activity rules. Welcome bonus cannot be used at the same time with other registration bonus of its kind


1. How many bonuses are there in BEX500?
There are two types of BEX500 bonuses- “Registration Bonus” and “Deposit Bonus”.
2. What is a “Registration Bonus”?
Registration bonuses can be used as trading margin, and offset the losses generated from trading real deposits. “Registration Bonus” enables new users to test our trading functions in a real trading environment without risks. New users can get a registration bonus after contacting customer service and applying. Registration bonuses do not support withdrawals and transfers, but withdrawals can be made after the profit obtained from trading is met.
3.What is a “Deposit Bonus”?
The deposit bonus can be used as trading margin, and offset the losses generated from trading real deposits. It boosts profits. You can get an extra 20% upon deposit. The bonus will be credited to your account to trade, and is withdrawable after the trading volume meets requirements.
4.How to calculate bonus for dual currency settlement?
Bonuses will be converted to BTC or USDT based on the real-time exchange rate.
5.How to check my bonus?
After login, you can see the bonus in the “credit” column on your trading page at bex500.com/trade, indicating that it can only be used to open positions. It will be shown in the “balance” instead when it can be withdrawn.
6.What should I do if the bonus is not received?
Registration bonuses will be issued within 2 working days after contacting customer service; The Deposit Bonus is given at the same time every day (03:00AM GMT).

If you have any questions, please contact our 24-hour online customer service
Email:[email protected]
WhatsApp: +85254494690

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Technical support: [email protected]

リスクメッセージ 同社はお客様に提供する金融商品に対して、差引契約(CFD)やその他の複雑な金融商品を含みます。差引契約は高いリスクを持っています。レバレッジはお客様の資金状況に積極的かつ消極的な影響を与えるかもしれません。差額契約の取引はすべての投資家に適していません。投資資本の完全な損失を招く可能性があります。投資しないでください。耐えられる範囲を超えてください。複雑な金融商品の取引を始める前に、すべてのリスクについて必ず読んでください。

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