What is Bex500 Double Contract

Double Contract is created by Bex500 and is suitable for 2 kinds of trader. 

1. Futures Contract Beginners 

Bex500 Double Contracts allow you to buy 1 BTC contract per 60 USDT. 

When the BTC price rises by $60 (for example from $10000 to $10060), your profits will be taken automatically as the initial margin used is doubled. 

2. Short-term professional traders.

Traders can open orders by investing fixed margin and fees using Bex500 Double contracts. When your Double contract order profit is equaled to your used margin, your order will be closed to take the profit. The maximum loss of the order is the initial margin and fees you input. It is easy to control the loss and risk using Double Contracts. 

◆ What are the types of Double Contract?

4 trading pairs are available including: BTC/USDT,ETH/USDT,LTC/USDT,XRP/USDT。

The characteristics of Bex500 Double Contract

Compared to traditional perpetual contract, Double Contract has three characteristics:

1. Easy to Operate with Low Costs

The minimum investment of the Double Contract order is 1 USDT. You can buy 1 BTC Double Contract by 60 USDT. 

If the price of BTC is $10000, the trading fee of a Double Contract is 0.01%, far lower than perpetual products

2. No Negative Balances, No Bankruptcy

The maximum loss of the order is limited to the initial margin input. Unlike perpetual contracts, double contracts have NO forced liquidation, making it easier to control the losses and risks.

3. Ideal for Short-term Trading

Double contracts are more suitable for short-term trading, which limits long-term risks (as we have known that long-term trends are more unpredictable and long-term traders can be exposed to higher risks)

Both beginners and professional traders can get great trading experience from Double Contracts.

◆ Conclusion

The Bex500 Team comprises of financial and internet professionals. We provideour clients with a professional, efficient and secure trading platform. We are honored to promote knowledge and market information about cryptocurrency, derivatives, and trading. Follow us for more information on the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and finance. Or you may contact our customer service to learn more. (information as below). Welcome and we hope you enjoy your journey with Bex500.

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