0 Commission! And Other Reasons to Choose Crypto-based Forex Trading on BEX500

0 Commission! And Other Reasons to Choose Crypto-based Forex Trading on BEX500

Cryptowisser    October 18, 2019

BEX500 Trading ViewPeople do not access crypto leverage trading market for fun. People are in the market for money.

“In it to win it!”

That is the motto for the speculator. But you may find yourself reach a plateau in cryptocurrency leverage trading. Easy to win with beginner’s luck, but hard to hold on to the long way profits.

How can you boost your winning chances? BEX500, a global-leading crypto trading platform, officially launched crypto-forex, and crypto-commodity trading, which are the margin trading in about 20 currency pairs such as USD/EUR and GOLD with cryptocurrency.

Do you know why you should use Forex & Commodity Trading to hedge against risk and generate enormous profits?

Reason I-NO commission with 200x leverage

You can enjoy 0 commission charges in Forex Trading on BEX500 with cryptocurrency. Unlike other exchanges, you do not need to worry about your profits getting swallowed by brokerage fees. Only “spread” is needed in trading forex pairs. If you need to switch from crypto CFD to forex, it is just a few clicks away with no transition fee on the same platform!

Reason II- Less volatile market cornered by no expert or firm

Crypto is quite volatile, which is indeed, a bit of the beauty of it. Remember BTC prices dropped by 80% in 2018?Theoretically, you can record an 80-fold surge in profit with a 100x leverage contract. As tempting as it is, the crypto market succumbs to external influences ranging from “expert analysis” to “a Facebook Libra plan”. In June 2019, BTC price fell by USD 1,400 after the crash of a major Crypto Exchange. Foreign exchanges, on the other hand, as the prime market, generates billions in revenue for the world’s banks and is a necessity of the global markets. No single institution can affect its prices.

Reason III- Safe Haven in the Thunderstorm

Even the savviest trader needs to navigate the unpredictable market with protection from a safe haven. Assets like the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, notes & bonds issued by the US Treasury along with gold, are usually used by traders as a safe haven. Imagine, when BTC market plummets, and gold price might rise, you can either close off your crypto positions or secure your assets with forex trading of Yen or Gold on BEX500 to hedge off the risk.

Reason IV- Enormous liquidity

In the forex market, $5.3 trillion is traded daily, making it the largest and most liquid market in the world. It dwarfs the capacity of any other market including the crypto market. It can absorb trading volume and transaction sizes of any kind you can imagine. You can execute your positions and stop orders with little or no slippage under normal circumstances.

Reason V – Anonymity with No Boundaries

Unlike traditional Forex Exchanges, BEX500 accepts BTC, protects your anonymity, and enables forex trading on one platform with no global boundaries. With Bitcoin, a trader based in the UK can trade forex with anonymity with a trader in Hong Kong. 30 seconds in registration in exchange for all-in-one crypto leverage trading!

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