Tired With Bitcoin Perpetual Contract? Bex500 Cryptocurrency Exchange Provides You More Superior Futures Products

Tired With Bitcoin Perpetual Contract? Bex500 Cryptocurrency Exchange Provides You More Superior Futures Products

 Crypto Daily        October 31, 2019 

Tired With Bitcoin Perpetual Contract? Bex500 Cryptocurrency Exchange Provides You More Superior Futures Products

-Explored Double contract, Forex and commodity trading products. 

Abstract: In cryptocurrency contract market, the perpetual contract is the “only” options of exchange and traders which become homogeneous and shoddy. As most professional and innovate exchange, Bex500 initially offers Cypto-forex/commodity and Double contract which provide more options to traders. Bex500 devotes to launch more creative crypto contract and helps traders to create more flexible and reliable investment portfolio.

If you are a savvy cryptocurrency trader, you must be familiar with the perpetual contract. Perpetual contract which is similar to a traditional futures contract is a derivative product of cryptocurrency. Nowadays, the perpetual contract is the most popular contract product. However, to ensure the price of the perpetual contract is always anchored to the price of the spot market, perpetual contracts utilize funding as its primary mechanism. Funding usually occurs in the settled time, which is the extra fee while they trade other than transaction fees. Indeed, the transaction fee of perpetual contracts is usually at a high level compared to the spot market. 

Thus, since Bitmex first launched a perpetual contract in 2014, the perpetual contract becomes regular, or in general, the only contract product listed by most cryptocurrency futures exchanges. Although the perpetual contract is applied to different underlying cryptocurrency assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, eth., they share with the same logic or product system without innovation. Base on the market research from the Bex500 research department, there are over 100 exchanges provide the same perpetual contract product, cryptocurrency traders hardly find another cryptocurrency contract which means that traders always need to afford the high-level fees if they are going to trade the cryptocurrency futures contract. 

Is there possible to have different cryptocurrency contract product with lower fees? Bex500 provides an affirmative answer: Bex500 Forex, commodity and Double Contract. 

The introduction of Bex500

Bex500 is the first crypto exchange which employs advanced financial trading system. It provides 40+ crypto advanced crypto contract products. Bex500 team is built by a great number of excellent professionals from finance, web development, and High-frequency trading area. It has more than 20 years of experience which has the ability to create various advanced trading products. 

In Bex500, there are 4 significant contract products: Perpetual contract, Forex, Commodity and double contract. All products are applied to a single Bitcoin or USDT account. Traders can trade them by Bitcoin or USDT based on their trading preferences. 

Bex500 Perpetual product

Bex500 offers 4 types of trading pairs in perpetual contract including BTC/USDT,ETH/USDT,LTC/USDT,XRP/USDT. Traders can select their contract types based on their trading strategies. Compared to a perpetual contract from other exchanges, the Bex500 perpetual product has two advantages.

    1.No slippage

Bex500 has abundant traders from over 100 different countries who provide enormous trading volume. Moreover, there are 3-4 large scale substantial Liquidity providers support the “market depth” of Bex500. The adequate trading volume ensures that there is no slippage happens in the Bex500 perpetual contract. 

    2.Always to keep in the low transaction fees

Most of the perpetual contract along with around 0.14-0.2% transaction fees. However, Bex500 only charge for 0.1 %, it is in the low-level range of the transaction fee in the market. 

Bex500 Forex

Bex500 Forex is the forex contracts settled by BTC/USDT. Bex500 forex integrated the advantages from traditional finance and the Cryptocurrency market which become one of the most popular products in Bex500. Bex500 Forex has more than 20 trading pairs (such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, etc.). Bex500 has the following advantages: 

    1.Tremendous Liquidity

the daily Forex market trading volume has an astonishing 5.3 trillion dollars, which makes it a market with the highest liquidity. Whether how much volume an order contains, it can be executed in the forex market easily without slippage. The huge transaction volume from Bex500 is one of the guarantee of the liquidity. Furthermore, Bex500 Forex product interrelates with the world forex market. As the innovate “Cypto-Forex duplex steady mechanism” from Bex500, the trading volume from Bex500 can be inner exchanged to the forex market by a safe and speeding system. It ensures that the liquidity of Bex500 Forex produce is always adequate. 

    2.Less Volatility, no single or organization can control the market.

unlike the cryptocurrency market, the forex market has huge trading volume and becomes one of the most important markets of global banks; No single person or organization has enough power to manipulate the forex market.

    3.Safe haven assets

Many forex assets such as Japanese yen are one of the safe haven assets in the world which can be the reliable Hedge assets in the portfolio against the risk.

Bex500 commodity:

Bex500 Commodity is the Commodity contracts settled by BTC/USDT.it includes Brent contract(BRN)、WTI Oil(WTI)、Gold(XAUUSD)、Silver(XAGUSD). Same as Bex500 Forex, the commodity market is large enough which traders do not need to concerned about the manipulation of a single person or organization. The underlying asset of commodity, such as Gold, is the well-know safe haven asset in the world which can be the most important hedge assets in the portfolio. 

Bex500 Double Contract:

The Double Contract is created by Bex500. It includes 4 trading pairs: BTC/USDT,ETH/USDT,LTC/USDT,XRP/USDT. 

In the Bex500 Double contract, trades are allowed to buy 1 Bitcoin by only 60 USDT, When BTC price rises by 60 dollars, for example, from $10000 to $10060, your profits will be taken automatically as the initial margin used is doubled. The transaction fee of Double Contract is extremely low with only 0.01% (It might be adjusted by the market situation). Low fee with double profit settlement system, Double Contract is well suit with Beginners and short-term professional traders. It is a great implementation of the cryptocurrency contract market. 

In conclusion 

Bex500 exchange devotes to be the “inventor” of the cryptocurrency market. Extending the spirit of the Blockchain industry, Bex500 will continually create more reliable products to the market and become one of the Top-level exchanges of the world. 

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