Earn 3% Passive Income on Your Bitcoin

To help Bex500 traders make full use of their crypto assets, Bex500 has upgraded wallets and added saving account functions to the BEX500 wallet.

You can earn daily interests based on your free margin. For example, if A deposit 10 BTC for a year, A will receive 10*3%= 0.3 BTC as annualized interest.

You have to apply for a savings account by contacting us at Whatsapp +85254494690.

Saving Account Rules

1. BEX500 will calculate interest based on your free margin at 03:00 AM GMT daily. Any bonuses are not included.

2. The annual interest will be settled on a quarterly basis. For example, we will settle the interest for you on April 1st, for the 1st quarter.

3. You can get detailed interest data in "My Account-Fund Flow".

4. If you have withdrawn all BTC / USDT in your account before the interest is deposited into your account, we will still deposit the quarterly interest.

5. If cheating and malicious fraud are discovered, BEX500 has the right to recover all interest funds before deduction, and impose a fine.

6. BEX500 reserves the right of final interpretation should there be any disputes.

Risk Warning: Due to price fluctuations, there are significant risks in investing in cryptocurrencies. Before investing, consider all risks carefully when making investment decisions.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by

Email:[email protected]

WhatsApp: +85254494690




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