What is Bex500 Forex?

Bex500 Forex are forex contracts settled by BTC/USDT. Bex500 forex integrated the advantages from traditional finance and the Cryptocurrency market and has become one of the most popular products on Bex500.

Bex500 Forex has more than 20 trading pairs (such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, etc.)

◆ Why do we trade “Bex500 Forex”?

1. Tremendous Liquidity

Daily Forex market trading volume reaches an astonishing 5.3 trillion dollars, which makes it the market with the highest liquidity.

No matter how huge an order you place, it can be executed in the forex market easily without slippage. 

2. Less Volatility, Cornered by No expert or Firm

Unlike the cryptocurrency market, the forex market has huge trading volumes and is one of the most important markets of global banks. The forex market cannot be affected by single person or organization and is relatively fair to all traders. 

3. Safe haven assets

Many foreign currencies, such as the Japanese Yen, are safe haven assets. Thse can be used to Hedge assets in a portfolio against the risk.

◆  The characteristics of Bex500 Forex

In Bex500 Forex, you are allowed to use up to 200x leverage which can expand your $1 investment to $200.  Learn more about the rules of Bex500 Forex

1. Easy to trade

The minimum investment is only $1. (which can vary according to the market price)

2. Zero Commission

All forex trading pairs require ZERO commission. 

Buying or selling a position requires the payment of a regular funding fee. A positive amount means you can receive funding for the interval, while a negative amount means you need to pay instead.

3. No Negative Balances

The Bex500 Forex maximum loss is limited to the total margin you have. Similarly to a Bitcoin perpetual contract, there is a forced liquidation rule for Bex500 Forex. 

◆ Conclusion:

The Bex500 Team comprises of financial and internet professionals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a professional, efficient and secure trading platform. We are honored to promote knowledge and market information about cryptocurrencies, derivatives, and trading. Follow us for more information on the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and finance. Or you may contact our customer service to learn more. (information as below). Welcome and we hope you enjoy your journey on Bex500.

Learn more about Bex500 perpetual contract or Bex500 commodity contract


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