Affiliate Program Guideline

Become a Bex500 partner with only 1 referral needed. Get commission with no threshold.

You can get up to 35% of your referrals’ trading fee.

Comprehensive marketing kits and all-around support are provided

You can get real-time data on your commissions and referrals

Detailed reports can be downloaded any time

Partner Career Path

  • Level 1 Partner



    Minimum deposit:0.005BTC

    Share (%):5%

    Requirement:Contact us

  • Level 2 Partner



    Minimum deposit:5BTC

    Share (%):10%

    Requirement:Contact us

  • Senior Partner



    Minimum deposit:?BTC

    Share (%):20%-35%

    Requirement:Contact us

Payout Calculation

1.Only 1 referral is required as a Level 1 Partner. You can earn 5% of your referral’s trading fees. For example, you can get paid 0.05 BTC if your referral paid 1 BTC while trading.

2.If the number of your referrals has reached 5, then you are qualified as a level 2 partner. You can upgrade your qualification by contacting our customer service. As a level 2 partner, your share of commissions will be upgraded to 10%.

3.If you want to apply as a senior partner, please contact customer services for senior partnership application.

Affiliate Program Rules

1. You have to contact us (by means as below) to activate your qualification for the affiliate program.

2. You can see your personal share link and posters in “My Affiliate Program” in “My Account” after login.

3. The deposit of each referral has to be larger than 0.005 BTC.

4. We will settle your payment at 3AM GMT every Friday.

5. If cheating and malicious fraud are discovered, BEX500 has the right to recover all interest funds before deduction, and impose a fine.

6. BEX500 reserves the right of final interpretation should there be any disputes.

7. Risk Warning: Due to price fluctuations, there are significant risks in investing in cryptocurrencies. Before investing, consider all risks carefully when making investment decisions.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by

Email:[email protected]

WhatsApp: +85254494690




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Предупреждение о риске Финансовые продукты, предлагаемые компанией, включают Контракты на разницу (‘CFDs’) и другие сложные финансовые продукты. Торговля CFD сопряжена с высоким уровнем риска, поскольку кредитное плечо может работать как на ваши преимущества, так и на недостатки. В результате CFD могут не подходить для всех инвесторов, потому что можно потерять весь ваш инвестированный капитал. Вы никогда не должны вкладывать деньги, которые вы не можете позволить себе потерять. Прежде чем торговать предлагаемыми сложными финансовыми продуктами, пожалуйста, убедитесь, что осознаете все риски.

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